Tuesday, April 28, 2009



This morning has been spent with an enormous amount of chaos, lots of tears, and searching for a lost member of our family.

Madisen's caterpillar has gone AWOL.

She has been raising him ever since she stole him from the warm embraces of the sandbox, and tormenting taking loving care of him now for three whole days. In my opinion he didn't fully appreciate his tupperware palace. Madisen took him out to clean his stinky cage, and handed "catty-pillar" to Shea for safe keeping.


I know, what was she thinking??

Shea threw him straight overboard when she decided he might go potty on her. He landed right back in the sandbox from whence he came. Do you think he had the decency to crawl back up and climb into his tupperware? No! Dug himself down deep, and now we cannot find a single trace of him. So unappreciative. Madisen is sitting on my lap crying "Remember how I took good care of him?" "I didn't even get to see him change into a butterfly, now how are we going to know which one is him?" She is devastated.

Shea is unconcerned.

The Boy is smiling.

I guess we will just have to remember the good times. Like when his gazillion legs wiggled fiercely, working to get himself to turn over after being plopped in his plastic prison. Like the times he played dead to get out of another play date with the scary giant child. Like the time we heard the faint "WEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" as he broke free from Shea's grasp.

Those were the good times.

Good bye stinky caterpillar. You will be missed.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Food for Thought

My poor husband. He had no idea the level of my cooking incompetence when he signed up for this. A year after we were married his grandmother made a family cookbook and everyone was to turn in recipes. I had nothing. There's a cute picture of me in my wedding dress with the recipe how to boil water. Pete's brothers still tease me, asking if I've moved on to ice cubes yet. I wish that was a little farther from the truth. It took me 2 years. 2 WHOLE years to realize the reason my chicken tasted like foot when I cooked it was because I didn't add seasoning. Or marinade. True story.
I now use seasonings when I cook thankyouverymuch, but that doesn't make it much better. I've tried 5 times now to get my Mom's WONDERFUL biscuit recipe right. This last time they were beautiful. And tasted like salt. And foot. I seriously had to ask my friend Sonia today whether or not you were supposed to take the skin off of sausage when you cooked it, and how you could tell when it was done. So sad. My poor neighbor Jen who used to live across the street often opened her door to me asking if she thought the meat smelled right, did she think the sour cream was too sour, or if the chicken looked done. Maybe that's why she moved. She was done sniffing my dinners.
Frustrated, I gave up on the sausage and decided to go with plain ol' hot dogs tonight. Even I can't mess those up. Sonia said we're all allowed to have a handicap. I'm not sure that makes me feel better though.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Madisen and Stuff

My daughter Madisen is five. She thinks that means she knows stuff. And not only does she know stuff, but her Mom doesn't know any stuff. Dad probably doesn't know much stuff either. She likes to ask me questions, and then tell me I'm wrong when I explain the stuff she was asking about. The other day we were climbing in the car from church, and she threw her new drawing on the front seat for her Mom to hold onto, because she didn't have any room in her empty hands. (I guess she didn't notice Mom's diaper bag, scriptures, and The Boy hanging around my neck). Daddy was exclaiming with overubundant enthusiasm how beautiful her picture was. He was telling her that he should go to the store and buy her a "special church" folder to keep all her primary projects in. He was using a lot of eyebrow raising and random voice influctions to get her excited about it. What did Madisen do?

"Daddy, I don't like it when you talk so much."

Simple as that. Dad please stop talking. My 5 year old ears can't handle it.

She is a very sweet kid and very helpful when I ask her to do things. She loves to take care of her brother and sister and isn't even bossy. (well sometimes she isn't)This is why we keep her around. Otherwise, I might think twice after the zinger this morning:

Me: Madisen stop doing that (flipping my lovehandle while I was trying to do my hair)
Madisen:I like to do it, Mom. It's funny. It's all wrinkly, and when I poke it, it gets all wiggly.

Do I have any pride left after writing this post? Nope. Am I going to eat today? Probably not. Have I scheduled runs 2xdaily for the next week? You betcha.

Maybe Mom doesn't know much stuff, but I'll be darned if I have to hear another crack about how I look stuffed.

(Me) ^

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Underusing At It's Finest

Words I wish I could fit into more conversations:






Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I wasn't addicted to caffeine until today. I know this because yesterday I had a coke (diet of course, ew, calories!) and I was fine. Today I didn't have a coke and I was not fine. Would you say I was an unhappy camper?

You Betcha.

So, wouldn't you agree then, that you're only addicted if you try to quit???

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Half Marathon

I was REALLY nervous last night. We had to get up at 4:30 in the morning. Scary. I needed some inspiration, but it was late and I needed to sleep so I could pop out of bed my usual beautiful self in the morning. So I decided I would just open my scriptures and read the first scripture I saw.

Mosiah 4:27

And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

I understood. Madisen was right, and I was going to win. That would definitely be the right "order" of things. I would be diligent and win the prize.

I took off with gusto, running quite like a crazy fast bullet, but while still enjoying the scenery. I wanted to win, not miss everything. The houses on the side of the road were VERY pretty.
0.3 miles in and I was feeling SO good I bumped it up a notch by throwing in a little dance move. You may not know it, but it's called a pirouette, with a horizontal double twist, and a backwards landing. Very hard to do. Or I guess you could just say:

I biffed it. Bad.

In my defense, there was a ginormous pothole that was very hard to see when you were looking up and to the right at the cute little houses. For more of my predictions on my own belly-flopment, please click here. I didn't know it would be so soon though.

I popped right back up and a very nice fellow jogged up to me to see how I was doing.
"I've heard about hitting the wall, but don't you think that was a little soon?"
Who was that guy?I could tell he was going to be rude the minute I saw him. I turned my nose in the air and told him "The important thing is that I just pushed right through it". Then I dodged another pot hole.

Freshly humbled, I decided against going for the obvious win, and just running along with my buddies. They were nice enough to wait for me when they got too far ahead. We had a blast and finished in 2 hours 40 minutes. Don't do the math, I will just tell you it's super-duper fast.

And we DID IT!!!

Whahoo!!!!!! 13.1 !

I have a few people/inanimate objects I need to thank.

Thank you Andrew for putting a lot of stuff on hold (including the projects I talked about a few posts down) so that I could train. I love you.

Thanks to my running friends, I , could would not have done it without you.
You made it so fun!

Thanks to everyone who came to see us finish!

And a special thank you to my trusty $90 treadmill (C'mon guys don't laugh. I bought it used. I'm sure brand new it was at least double that) that helped me train on the bitter cold/snowy days.

I don't have pictures yet, but for a sneak peek and video please see my friends blogs-The Goldsberry's and the Living, Laughing, Loving.


Friday, April 17, 2009


One of the best things about running is, I'm SUPPOSED to pig out on carbs today. Otherwise how will I win the race?

Bring on the pasta kids!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Switches, Cookies, and Birthdays

Just thought I'd let all of you who were overly, unnecessarily, concerned about my bedroom lighting situation that Pete did put a new switch in. And you guys said he wouldn't do it. HA! Guess he showed you.

[I think it may have had something to do with the public humiliation, but that's just between you and me]

I was so happy about the new switch I decided to celebrate by making chocolate chip cookies. They turned out DELICIOUS! Woo Hoo! Lightly brown, super moist and soft, and perfect chip to cookie ratio. I amaze myself.

Madisen said she didn't like them because they tasted like strawberries. But, that doesn't matter 'cause she's a weird kid. (and I happen to know she likes strawberries). They were awesome. And Shea loved them. That's my girl!

It was my sister Michelle's birthday yesterday. I won't tell you how old Michelle turned because it's P-R-E-T-T-Y embarrassing.** (your welcome Michelle). She told me she would be accepting presents all month 'cause at her age, there's only presents to look forward to. AWW, Michelle, that's no way to talk! (even if it's true) . I'd been thinking of what to get her, and what would be the perfect gift, when it hit me! A CAMEO on my blog!!! Happy Birthday to Michelle!!! So I used Michelle's name as much as possible in this paragraph so that she could see how much she is loved. And for those of you who don't know my sister read more about her here. 3rd paragraph.

What an awesome day. I have a new switch, chocolate chip cookies, and I made my sister's day. Man, if I could bottle a day, it would be this one. For sure.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Librarians and Electricians

I braved the library today. Scarylibrarian was there. I walked in with my hair dangling over the right side of my face so she wouldn't recognize me. It didn't matter. I had to pay my fine anyway. It was $22 dollars! Yikes!! So I thought I would just pay part of it but when she looked up how much I owed and I saw her pursed lips, I just kept my mouth shut and handed over my debit card with my eyes on the ground. I felt so ashamed. But it's all taken care of now I guess. Point for her.


She always wins.

On a lighter note. I know a lot of you out there are pretty jealous of me for being married to the absolute most handsomest, wonderful electrician in the valley. I'm sure some of you even wonder, how I manage to stay so humble when I am married to the hottest thing to happen to a tool belt. I sometimes wonder the same thing myself. I'm about to show you (not to make you jealous of course, just to show you what could of been had you caught YOURSELF a muffin-of-electricity) why I am the luckiest woman in the western hemisphere.

My Big static-man is always thinking of others. He did work for a friend and accidently ruined their switch. Instead of purchasing a brand new one, and taking an extra long time, he used his compassion and sawed our table in half. Well not our table, but our bedroom switch. No big deal, he goes to electrical wholesale everyday. He can pick one up then. Start date: Beginning of March, 2009. Replacement Date: Pending.

One of the best things about Hot-spark is he is always considering my inner hotness. Although we have central air, he went out of his big strong way to install a ceiling fan, to take off the summer heat's edge. I'm sure it will be finished soon.
Start date: April 2008. (when it was just warming up) Finish date: It's on order. Uh-huh. (it takes a really long time people. sheesh. cut the man a break.)

The absolute greatest, and I feel this is super important, is Lovetricity's ability to only start projects after he has finished the old one's. Otherwise, this might happen to my basement:

Okay, maybe I left out the best part. He loves being teased and he won't even be kind of mad about this blog. Right, Pete?


Monday, April 13, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

MOM! I'm on the PHONE!

Do your kids answer the phone and then proceed to tell the unsuspecting individual EXACTLY everything you're doing? Have you ever been yelling speaking calmly to your children and then see that they have answered the door and your super
calm/peaceful/never-yells-at-their-kids-neighbor is standing there? (no? um, I haven't either) I caught one of my children who will remain nameless playing with my cell phone tonight. Oh, how many strange phone calls have people received this way?, so I snapped that she'd better put the phone down right now, or she was in super awesome gargantuan trouble and don't even think about having dessert!**

How Embarrassing for me when I found out who she had been talking to.
"But Mo-om!, I'm talking to. . .



{cue super sweet mommy voice} Carry on my dear princess, and how 'bout you put in a good word for me?

**super unlike me, I don't know where that came from. Yelling is not really my forte.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

9 DAYS!!

I'm starting the countdown to race day. 9 days. Uh-oh. So that means I have 216 hours to decide if I would like to back out. Skye keeps telling me she hopes I win. I tell her, I don't care if I come in dead last, I just want to cross the line. Or do I? This little idea that I thought crazy a few months ago, still seems kinda crazy. Yes, I ran twelve, so I know that I should be able to do it. But I also was D-E-A-D after. It's cool when it's just your bud Lia seeing you that way, but what about spectators! Yikes! (I'm not saying that I looked bad, mind you, I never sweat when I run [ew!] and I am sure my hair looked super awesome, but I did look a teensy bit tired.) It's just that I'd rather not have anyone see me belly flop the pavement half a mile to the finish line. Talk about embarrasing. Oh, well, I guess I'm commited now. Kay Serrah!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Don't cry over dry Milk

Okay. So I'll never own a bakery. That's totally fine. But do I have to ruin EVERY recipe I try? Tonight I quickly put together some muffins for breakfast in the morning. Sounds easy enough right? Not so much. Apparently I pulled out the Self-Rising flour instead of all purpose which made the fluffiest, prettiest muffins in the world. That taste like salt. To add insult to injury I never seem to learn to NOT double batch. Ugh! I'm hoping because they have chocolate chips in them my kids will still eat them in the morning. It's fun having kids. They are like my little guinea pigs I force to try out all my new recipes. Sometimes before I even dare try them. Last week we didn't have enough milk for the girls cereal in the morning, so I threw together some dry milk powder and water and mixed it with what we had left in the fridge. It smelled awful. I didn't even dare take a sip. What to do? Hmmm. . . .
Leave it in the fridge, pour it on the girl's cereal in the morning, and see if they notice.
Aren't I sly?
They didn't notice. Point for me!
Either did Pete. HA! (please don't tell him)
Sounds like a good way to use up some food storage though, right? Also, I use the dry milk powder when I bake/cook so I don't use up my "drinking" milk. Saves money. Like a few cents or so. Gotta be thrifty; these are tough times.
Besides, when it takes 4 tries to get it right, those few cents really start adding up.
To like a dollar.
Now, if I only had a dollar for every batch I ruined. . .

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Ballerina

Madisen started ballet and tap classes this week. We found a new studio just starting out (and the teacher is awesome) and we are able to get both Madisen and Sheain tap AND ballet for $80 dollars a month. That, to me, is an awesome deal. I'm so glad that I'm not one of those Mom's who sees her children through rose colored glasses. One of my talents is my ability to look outside my mom box and see who my children REALLY are. Otherwise I may always wonder if in reality Madisen was awful at dancing instead of being the obvious making of a prima ballerina slash tap dance performer that she is. That's not just coming from me by the way. Her teacher basically said that even though she started way late, she's doing better than any of the other girls in the class, and she thinks she's going to go pro. For sure. Her exact word's were:
"She did really well. She picks up on things very quickly." (But I knew what she meant).

Shea starts her's on thursday. Which is good because she wasn't liking watching Madisen on the sidelines. I was ill prepared without anything for Shea to play with while she watched her sister and ended up feeding her the only "treat" I had from my diaper bag. Cough Drops. Just to keep her quiet. I have a feeling this teacher doesn't know what's coming.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Conference weekend. I must be getting old because I was actually bummed when I snoozed through the second half on saturday. Am I the only one or does everyone else love that the boys have to go to their own special meeting? It means I get special "I'm sorry I went out with the boys instead of spending time with you" ice cream when he gets home. With cookie dough. Just because he's sweet and always thinking of me.
And I demand it.
We went for a walk in between because the weather was kind of awesome. Just kind of though. I'm starting to settle for just-good-enough, because I'm no longer convinced spring will actually come to stay. We pushed The Boy in the stroller, and the girls and dog walked with us all the way around the block without fighting or arguing. Ahh, special family time. It's such a bummer that it took 20 minutes of Shea's crying fits to actually get outside, because she couldn't find her "brand new shoes". She could only find her "clip-clop" shoes that Daddy wouldn't let her wear.(do your kids name their shoes?). Funny how when you're looking for shoes, they just never seem to be where you look for them first. Like, if you're Shea, the ceiling, as she lays down and looks up wailing that she will never, ever, find them again. Seems suspicious doesn't it? Thankfully the toybox just swallowed them and we were out enjoying HAPPY FAMILY TIME! It was a breeze.
I got a lot out of conference too. Like how much Pete needs to change, and buy me more things before the economy completely plummets.
HA! Just kidding Pete. I'd be happy if you only bought me a few more things. . .
You're the best! LoVe YoU!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Quiet Time

I love love love quiet time! It is the most awesome time ever invented. The kids go play quietly while I get everything done I've needed to.
Ahem, Blog.
It's not like I WANT to play on the computer though. I WANT to do other things like read books, but I'm terrified of the library. Have you visited our local library? It's very "diverse". In the winter you have a chance to dialogue with either homeless Sam, or homeless Tom, or homeless Frank while they leisurely peruse through the magazines/warm up. {No I do not have a problem with people who live on the streets, or people getting warm. I happen to love being warm. And the outdoors. So no snap judgments of me please.} Besides,that is not what is scary. It's the LIBRARIAN! OH, Em GOSH! It's like she was picked out of a children's story herself. She is the cliche librarian, glasses, snooty nose and all. And it turns out ( I found out while visiting the library ALONE, no kids, very much alone) that she doesn't appreciate screaming 5 and 3 year olds. Or their mother's. I walked up to pay my little fine of twenty dollars, and she gave me the dissappointed/annoyed/another-one-of-these-people sighs. And she was really annoyed when I wanted to check out a book or ten after that. I don't understand what her problem was. I'm usually uber responsible, and it's not like it was my kids spinning the book display to watch all of the books fly off the shelf (where was their mother anyway?). But I'm terrified to go back. Because she KNOWS me. She knows who I am. And I have a little fine. Of twenty dollars. So I haven't read anything in ages. Instead I facebook and blog, and waste my time other ways. Where is the sun anyhow?